Functional Fireplace Decor: Bookshelves

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Gas fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home, new or old. The image of a crackling fire does something to us, putting us in a calm, state of ease. While gas fireplaces are beautiful on their own, certain design techniques can further beautify a fireplace. One such design feature is bookshelves built around the fireplace. Here are a few benefits to … [Read more...]

The Advantage of Adjustable Heat Output

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For many years, Miles Industries have been the leading manufacturers of quality gas fireplaces. These products come with tremendous benefits and features that help to improve their performance in keeping your house warm. One of the unique features is the adjustable heat output. Gas fireplaces are designed to be built in a house during construction or … [Read more...]

Wake Up to the Warmth of a Gas Fireplace

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In frigid weather, mornings can be so dreary. The bedroom is chilly because you turned down the central heat the night before, to save on utility costs. The bedroom is dark, because the sun has yet to rise. The thought of emerging from the blankets is grim. This is no way to start the day. A Cozy Alternative Imagine how different your day could be if … [Read more...]