Valor Fireplaces Suit Any Design Style

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A fireplace is the centerpiece and focal point of any room. Your fireplace should both look great, and should of course, bring warmth and comfort into the home. The choices that come with selecting Valor fireplaces allow the homeowner or interior designer to achieve both the exact right look they want for a room, and allows those enjoying the fire to select … [Read more...]

Zone Heating Can Save Money on Your Winter Bills

home heating energy efficiency

Do you have a single thermostat to control the entire home’s temperature? This common yet inefficient setup bases home comfort on the temperature in a single location. By adding a gas fireplace to home, you introduce the energy-saving concept of zone heating. What is zone heating? A fireplace only heats its surroundings. This creates zone heating by … [Read more...]

Reasons to Choose a Gas Fireplace for Your New Home

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Wood burning fireplaces are known to give a room atmosphere. However, that same warm, romantic atmosphere can be attained with a radiant gas fireplace. Using a gas fireplace has environmental, ecological benefits, in addition to being aesthetic. No need for wood -  When you own a gas fireplace there is no need to locate wood, split it, or store … [Read more...]