Spring Cleaning? Don’t Let Your Valor Manual Add to Your Clutter


Few things beat the gentle warmth of a gas radiant fireplace to break the chill. As spring brings warmer temperatures, you may find you use your Valor fireplaces less frequently. However, their decorative presence will continue to offer a luxurious touch to your home. In addition, our fireplaces are easy to keep clean. They will not add any unnecessary … [Read more...]

Inspiring Fireplace Designs for a Cozy Home

gas fireplace design

There's nothing like sitting near a fireplace during a cold night. A radiant gas fireplace can be a great addition to any home in any room, adding sophistication and beauty to your cozy home. Valor Fireplaces provides high quality gas fireplaces that can replace the one you already have or add a new one. The largest and most efficient fireplace is the … [Read more...]

When to Use Freestanding Fireplaces

gas fireplaces

It’s long been recognized that traditional fireplaces have a host of significant drawbacks. They are drafty, dirty and, most importantly, highly inefficient. It seems that a more modern solution should have been developed by now. In fact, modern, radiant gas fireplaces have been specifically developed to address the problems of outdated traditional … [Read more...]