Surprise! How About a Freestanding Fireplace?

freestanding fireplaces

If you long for the warmth and beauty a gas fireplace adds, but your home lacks a firebox or chimney, or you want an extra fireplace in a separate room, consider a freestanding fireplace. These can be connected to existing chimneys or to new, custom made chimneys. Freestanding fireplaces offer many additional benefits as well. Versatility Add a … [Read more...]

In Case of Fire, Plan a Family Home Escape Route

fire safety

Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces provide soothing warmth and are a green option for heating any room of your home. These fireplaces are also a stylish alternative to wood burning fireplaces, and all of our products undergo extensive safety testing. As our customer’s safety is important to us, we offer the following tips for planning a home escape routes. … [Read more...]

Trend: Corner Fireplaces


A fireplace can make any room in your home feel warm and inviting. A corner fireplace works perfectly when you want to keep floor space open but still would like to add warmth to a room. Using a corner fireplace utilizes the wasted corner spaces that can occur in any home. Here are some ways you can utilize a corner fireplace: Incorporate some built … [Read more...]