Prepare Early for Winter with a ValorStat Plus Remote


Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces help break winter’s chill with style and ease. We offer several fireplace designs to match your decor and your home’s needs. With the addition of a ValorStat Plus remote, the warmth and beauty of a flickering flame is yours at the touch of a button. Wake up to Warmth The remote has a built-in timer so you won’t ever … [Read more...]

Make Your Home Safer with Proper Smoke Alarms in Place

fireplace safety

Many remodeling features, such as adding Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces, enhance your home's beauty. However, home safety products should feature high on the feature’s list as well. One important way to protect your home is to add smoke alarms. Placement The National Fire Protection Association asserts that alarms should be installed on each level … [Read more...]

Can a Fireplace Really Increase Your Home’s Value?

gas insert fireplaces

When adding any feature to a home, many homeowners naturally wonder whether the feature will positively affect the home’s value. If this question is posed regarding fireplaces, the answer is a resounding yes. Charm A fireplace adds charm to a living space. It is a feature that immediately makes any room feel more inviting. Valor Radiant Gas … [Read more...]