Make a Mirror Above Your Gas Fireplace an Attractive Feature

fireplace decoration

The fireplace tends to be one of the more prominent features in any room that it is located in. Because of this, you should design it to be the focal point. One of the fireplace design ideas that we recommend is to hang a mirror above the mantle. The following are just a few ways that you can manage this design in a successful manner: Fit the … [Read more...]

5 Ideas to Style Your Room Around Your Fireplace

radiant gas fireplaces

A radiant gas fireplace will bring warmth to your room while serving as its focal point. Watching the flames can be relaxing and even mesmerizing. Feeling the warmth provides a comfortable, cozy feeling. Create the cozy environment with upholstered chairs and a sofa facing the fireplace or at angles to it where you can feel the warmth. Add a mirror, … [Read more...]

Learn More About the Structure of a Fireplace


The fireplace has occupied a necessary and respected place in the home for generations. These days, fireplaces may not be not quite so necessary but they have become a little bit more complicated. Here are the most relevant parts: Firebox – This is the part of the fireplace that actually protects you form the fire. Usually encased in a separate, … [Read more...]