5 Ideas to Create a Winter Mantel Design

fireplace mantel decoration

A mantel is an easy place to create the focal point of a room, and you can use it to show off your personality. With a fireplace being the most active in winter, a festive mantel can bring your fireplace to life. Here are five ideas on how to brighten up your mantel through winter: Miminalist decorations in silver and white lend a Scandanivian … [Read more...]

Valor’s New Design Center Lets You Upload a Photo of Your Own Home

gas fireplaces

If you have ever considered adding a gas fireplace to your home and just can't seem to picture it, there is now a great tool to help you visualize the possibilities thanks to the Valor Design Center. We recently added a new photo upload feature to our website, which now allows you to provide a picture of your space and experiment with different … [Read more...]

Gas Fireplaces Can Add Warmth and Convenience to Your Home This Winter

gas fireplaces

When temperatures plummet outdoors, a home’s heating system can have a hard time keeping up. Adding a gas fireplace is the perfect way to bring extra warmth to your home this winter. If your home already contains a wood-burning fireplace, these are messy and lack many convenient features you will find in gas models, many of which can be inserted into an … [Read more...]