Is Going Green One of Your New Year’s Resolutions? A Gas Fireplace Can Help

gas insert fireplaces

This New Years, making your life a little bit greener can be as luxurious as adding a radiant gas fireplace to your living room. There's a reason 90% of newly built homes show a preference for gas fireplaces but Valor is as concerned about the sustainable aspect of any brand just as much as you are. Our units require absolutely no electricity and have … [Read more...]

Make Certain Your Radiant Gas Fireplace is Vented Properly Before Lighting It

gas insert fireplaces

A radiant gas fireplace is one of the best accessories that a homeowner can add to a home. In addition to the increased comfort they add, radiant fireplaces provide affordable and versatile heating to a home. Still, radiant fireplaces must be installed properly or they can pose a significant threat to a homeowner and his family. In particular, radiant … [Read more...]

Tips for Hanging Stockings From Your Mantel


One of the easiest ways to get your home into the holiday spirit is to hang stockings from your fireplace mantel. However, hanging stockings using nails can leave unsightly holes in your mantel. Here are a fireplace design ideas for hanging your holiday stockings without using nails. Go Natural: Bring the outdoors in by using a branch to hang your … [Read more...]