Embrace Minimalism With Your Radiant Gas Fireplace

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For many people, a streamlined and efficient home design is an appealing thought.  Proponents of minimalism, a design style that prefers clean lines and uncluttered spaces to ornate decorations, often seek simplified solutions to common home features.  One such feature that is now seeing minimalist treatment is the fireplace. The clean lines that are … [Read more...]

Give Your Home Comfortable Spots to Get Warm

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Getting cozy on a cold winter day is not complete without including a high quality radiant gas fireplace. Don't limit yourself to the traditional location of the living room to enjoy the heat. Why not design special nooks and havens with warmth and comfort, also? The kitchen is already the most preferred place in a home.  The first draw is planning and … [Read more...]

Contemporary Ideas to Use for Your Gas Fireplace Mantel

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While gas fireplaces may not have the same traditional appeal as wood ones, their mantels can certainly rival any of those around. Still, new technology demands new style. Here are a few ideas for using the design of your gas fireplace for a contemporary touch: Use Tile – This is not just the familiar, ceramic material available for decades. Now, it … [Read more...]