5 Must Have Cozy Blankets

There are certain things in life that just go hand in hand. For example, a good book and a cup of steaming tea or perhaps a rich meal with a strong glass of red wine. One combination that is perfect as we head into Winter is a cozy blanket & and your Valor gas fireplace. The only problem is finding a blanket that works nicely with your home decor and really makes a statement in your living room.  Luckily, the options are endless and you can bring in your favorite style or pop of color that the room demands.


Whether you choose a blanket for its cozy, soft material or because of its bold design, pick the style that shows off your true personality. Also, try to find a creative way to show off and organize your blankets! One great way to display them is on a decorative blanket ladder. As shown below, the ladder accents the Valor Portrait Classic Arch unit perfectly and provides great space to display your favorite prints. This is also a great way to give a room a little extra breathing room as these ladders don’t take up much floor space.


Do you have any storage tips or tricks? Share them with us below!

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