How to Use Your ValorStat Plus Remote

The ValorStat Plus remote control is found on most Valor models, including the ever popular Legend G3 Insert and Horizon Series. This remote control allows our users to select, adjust and program any desired temperature for that space. The built-in timer turns your fireplace on to warm your home, and can be programmed to turn off at a time of your choosing. Another impressive feature is the ability to turn your pilot light on and off using the remote control.

Below is a collection of videos that outline the basic features of the ValorStat Plus, if you have any questions be sure to comment below!

ValorStat Plus Remote Overview

Temperature Scale

Setting the Time

On & Off

High & Low Flame

Operation Modes

Temperature Mode

Timer Mode

Manual Mode

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8 Responses

  1. Dennis Sesler says:

    I have the valor stat remote. I changed the batteries in the unit and remote about two weeks ago. Everything was working fine until today, when I used the remote, I got the signal beeps but nothing started, not the pilot or anything. Eventually it stopped beeping and turned off completely. What do I do?

  2. Julie Foster says:

    I have the valor plus remote. I was told by the technician to always have the pilot light on to deter spiders, ect from building webs or nests in the chimney. When I tried to start the pilot light using the remote keys — it beeps once, tries to engage the valve and then I get a series of rapid beeps and it doesn’t light.

    • Hi Julie,

      Have you contacted your local Valor dealer for assistance? They will be able to assist you in getting the pilot light back up and running. Alternatively you can call Valor’s tech support at 1.800.468.2567.

  3. Joy says:

    Where should the remote be located in the room to work best?

    • Ideally your remote control handset should be in the vicinity of your fireplace or living space, and away from the areas mentioned above that could effect the temperature settings. The wall holder can house your remote near the fireplace providing optimal control.

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