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    Retrofire Insert Series

    Looking for a quick and easy way to turn your existing fireplace into an energy efficient heat source? The Valor Retrofire is engineered to keep the heat inside your home and not up the chimney and is designed for installation within an existing masonry or wood-burning unit. Engines The Retrofire engine has 2 options to choose from: Direct Vent or B-Vent. For rooms that have been sealed and vented outside, the direct vent Retrofire eliminates smoke, messy ashes and cold drafts. The B Vent model allows the fireplace to be installed practically anywhere you would like. Please keep in mind that the ValorStat Plus remote is only compatible with the…

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    Happy Easter Monday!

    Everyone at Valor Fireplaces would like to wish all of our followers a very happy Easter Monday! We hope you had a chance to relax, spend time with family and cozy up in front of your Valor Fireplace. We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend (some might still be enjoying it!) but now it’s back to work as usual. Still on long weekend mode? Take some time to review the entire Valor product line, including our newest model the H6 Series, by visiting here.

  • Food & Recipes

    Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

      Easter has finally arrived, which hopefully means that a little relaxing and quality time with friends and family is in your future. Whether you’re hosting Easter dinner, attending as a guest or having a quiet weekend at home, Easter weekend generally requires us to indulge in chocolate treats.  In this case, you can make your own homemade peanut butter cups, just like you would find at your local store. The difference is you can make a larger batch (great for groups), you can customize them to exactly how you like  and these cups are great when thrown in the freezer as they will keep until a later date. Once you have…

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    HPBExpo 2016 Recap

    HPBExpo 2016 Recap from New Orleans HPBExpo is North America’s largest showcase, with more than 350 leading hearth, patio and BBQ manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting their latest products. A special thank you to everyone that attended the 2016 HPBExpo in New Orleans! We appreciate everyone who attended the event and visit our booth to see what was new from Valor for 2016. For those of you who missed the show, here’s a look at our booth and highlights from the show: Look out for a lot more news on new products and developments from HPBExpo in the coming weeks!

  • Home Holiday Decor

    4 Ways To Decorate For Easter

      Can you believe it’s finally spring time? The flowers are starting to bloom, the temperatures should start to rise and Easter is quickly approaching. So, there is no better time to get in the spirit of spring and decorate your home for Easter and the upcoming beautiful months. But the tough part can be figuring out where to start when it comes to decorating and how to keep the feel of your home the same while still adding in some fun decor. The idea is to find spring like colors in pastels or bright shades and intersperse them with your current decor. This is also a great time to hang…

  • Fireplace Information

    Understanding BTU’s

    So what exactly is a BTU? A BTU, otherwise know as a “British Thermal Unit” is the amount of heat required to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit. All Gas appliances are rated in BTU’s/hr input. Depending on the design and efficiency of the fireplace, a certain proportion of the heat generated from burning ends up as useful heat in the room (Heat Output), while some portion is lost to vents and chimneys (Flue Loss). All Valor fireplaces are tested and certified to Heater standards and therefore are rated for Heat Output. BTU’s are determined when the fireplace has a full fire, without optional blowers and after the…

  • Home Design & Decor

    Blending Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

    When it comes to your home, it’s very important to create a comfortable, cool space that you want to spend your time in. One great way to achieve this even balance in your home is to blend your indoor space with your outdoor space. Not only does this make the two spaces feel connected, it will help your home appear larger as it blends and combines your decor and themes together. But the next question is how does one go about blending outdoor and indoor spaces? Well, with a few simple ideas you can transform two separate spaces into what will feel like one beautiful space. Decor Accents If you…

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    H4 Series

    Designed as a four-sided version of the Horizon fireplace, the H4 Series eliminates the need for a traditional hearth in your living space. The H4 can nestle comfortably in your choice of surrounding wall surfaces and can be elevated to your preferred height. Benefiting from the successes of the Horizon engine, the H4 has the same aluminized steel firebox, secondary heat exchanger, fire bed options and brick liner combinations. Choose from two different (landscape and square) backing plates and one of four inner bezel surrounds in copper, nickel painted, nickel plated or black. A culmination of engineered heat performance and advanced comfort control, the H4 Series boasts contemporary hearth design.…

  • Home & Lifestyle

    3 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

      For most homeowners, it can be pretty difficult not to become nose blind within your own home. “Nose blindness” basically consists of getting used to the smells and odors in our home such as: smells from cooking, pets and animals, and the constant rotation of people in and out of the home. It’s been said that we can become almost 100% blind to the smells in our homes, but this same theory doesn’t apply to anyone who lives outside the home, such as your guests or friends! So, what can you do to conquer the everyday smells in your home? Well, we have a few different options to try…

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    Visit Valor at HPBExpo 2016!

    Looking to check out the hottest indoor & outdoor products in the industry? Look no further than HPBExpo 2016, this week at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center! HPBExpo is North America’s largest showcase, with more than 350 leading hearth, patio and BBQ manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting their latest products. Valor will be there to join the party, showcasing a number of brand new products, ideas and much more! When’s the show? March 17th – 19th, 2016 Where’s the show? HPBExpo show will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. For directional and mapping support, click the map below: You can see live burning Valor…