Fireplace Design Center V2.0 Now Available


Version 2.0 Available Now! – iOS & Android

The Valor Fireplace Design Center has been a big success on the iOS tablet platform; that was not unfortunately the case with the Android platform when it was initially released. After some time to sort out the bugs and stabilize the app we ask that you now update and/or re-download the Fireplace Design Cetner to your tablets.

Our app allows users to easily browse through our entire product line and build your very own Valor fireplace using only the touch of your finger!


Updates Include:

The iOS version has been updated with stabilization features, graphic updates and a few smaller behind the scene details.

The Android platform had to be re-developed with new coding in order to fix it from crashing on certain tablet devices. If you ever see an issue on this platform, please report it so we can make adjustments.

Download/Update Version 2.0 Now

  • DownloadApple Store | Google Play Store
  • Platforms – iOS and Android tablets
  • Size – around 16mb
  • Price – FREE
  • How to find the app? – Search your store for Valor Design, Valor Fireplaces, etc.

App Support & Information

For more information and download links to our app, please visit the Fireplace Design Center Overview page.

Note that we have also updated the web version of the Fireplace Design Center with the latest component changes, such as the G3 Driftwood fuel bed. Build your Valor by clicking here.

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