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    Spotlight – H4 Series

    Designed as a four-sided version of the Horizon fireplace, the H4 Series eliminates the need for a traditional hearth in your living space. Elevated to your preferred height the H4 nestles comfortably in your choice of surrounding wall surfaces. Choose from two different (landscape and square) backing plates and one of four inner bezel surrounds in copper, nickel painted, nickel plated or black. Specifications Gas Type – Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG) Viewing Area – 26 ½” w x 14 ¾” h = 391″² Energuide – 71.30% Controls – ValorStat Plus remote & Wall Switch Kit Fuel Beds – Driftwood, Logs & Rocks Liners – Red Brick, Ledgestone, Fluted…