Decorate Your Radiant Gas Fireplace Mantel for Fall

Autumn Mantel

Now that the fall weather is getting cold enough to make you want to use your radiant gas fireplace, you should celebrate by decorating your mantle for autumn.  This colorful season has plenty of inspiring beauty that you can use for your mantle decorations that will make your fireplace feel festive and homey.   One of the easiest and most affordable … [Read more...]

Safe Decorating Around Your Fireplace

fireplace decor

The fireplace is an integral part of your home design. Because of its size and design, a fireplace tends to draw the eye immediately. One way to take advantage of this fact is to decorate it in a way that helps to reinforce it as a focal point. However, you should keep these fireplace safety tips in mind when decorating your fireplace. Furniture – … [Read more...]

Summer Inspiration for Your Mantle

fireplace mantle decoration

The mantle of a fireplace is often neglected during the warmer months when a fire is not necessary. This is such a waste, because it provides the perfect location to create a wonderful element that would not be there otherwise. If you don’t like the open space that is let barren during the summer try hiding it, or filling it, here’s how: Place a … [Read more...]