Tips for Arranging Your Living Room Around a Fireplace


Nights are getting chillier, making the perfect atmosphere to light your radiant gas fireplace and gather around the warm glow with your family.  You can optimize your enjoyment of your fireplace this winter with smart furniture arrangement that will allow you to take advantage of its heat and beauty. Start with your sofa, which is the largest and most … [Read more...]

Know the Parts of a Gas Fireplace: The Sediment Trap

Sediment Trap

If you own or are thinking about owning a radiant gas fireplace, it's important to know the components that help the fireplace to work to the best of its abilities.  Knowing the parts of your fireplace can help you to better understand and maintain them for a more efficient and safer fireplace. One part of the gas fireplace you should know about is the … [Read more...]

Bring Your Fireplace to Center Stage with an Accent Wall


When you're designing your living room, one important thing to include in your new design is a focal point.  A focal point is the first part of the room to which your eye is drawn when you enter, and it often sets the mood for the room.  Having a focal point gives the whole room a sense of order and a designer touch. A radiant gas fireplace makes a … [Read more...]