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    Valor’s Outdoor Fireplace Options

    Bring Indoor Comfort Outdoors with a Valor Fireplace A Valor radiant gas fireplace provides the heat you and your family need to replace the outdoor chill with comforting, radiant warmth. You can now adapt up to nine different Valor gas fireplace engines with our new Outdoor Conversion kit and take advantage of Valor’s radiant heat outdoors. Outdoor Fireplace Benefits Effectively distributes radiant warmth and comfort. Starts easily and is smokeless – burning 100 times cleaner than wood fireplaces. Safe to use during those dry summer times when open fires are prohibited. Shuts down automatically after six hours of use – providing you with savings and peace of mind. Expands your…

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    Introducing AutoFire for the Legend G3

    We are happy to announce an upgraded engine for the Legend G3 insert series. The 739MN/MP engines will replace the previous 739JN/JP engines and will include the new AutoFire system, bringing along a number of important benefits. Valor Autofire – Automatically adjusts for maximum performance The G3 Series is now equipped with the all new AutoFire system, which dynamically tunes your fireplace for peak performance. AutoFire provides improved operating efficiencies – saving you energy. Update your existing living space with a wide selection of stunning fireplace designs in both traditional and contemporary appeal. For further information on the new G3 engine or the AutoFire system, please contact your local authorized…

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    Spring Product Review

    Do you ever feel like you might have missed an important product announcement of update? Well, we’ve just created a quick guide for Valor fireplace product updates spanning from November 2016 – June 2017 that covers off Herringbone liners, HeatShift™ compatibility, outdoor fireplaces and so much more! Read below to discover the 6 major announcements in the past 6 months: HeatShift™ – Now compatible with the H5 & H6 Series All “J” Series H5 & H6 models, as well as the 1600JN/JP L1 2-Sided, are now compatible with the Valor HeatShift System, which is also offered on the other J Series linear fireplace (L3, L2, L1). We recommend this option…

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    Introducing Herringbone for the H5 & H6

    Now Available on the H5 & H6 Series The sought after and highly anticipated Herringbone liners, available in Adobe color, are now available on the H6 & H5 Series. The new liner in combination with a radiant Valor gas flame will produce a stunning visual for any home, showroom or living space. Ask your authorized Valor Dealer about the new Herringbone (1475HBL or 1175HBL) liners today to learn more. Learn More Learn more about each product by visiting the H6 Series or H5 Series product pages.

  • Portrait Driftwood
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    Introducing Driftwood for the Portrait Series

    The successful Driftwood fire, found on popular models such as the Legend G3 insert, Madrona Freestanding or zero-clearance H5 models, has now been incorporated into the 530 Portrait Series. Choose between the standard fluted black or brick liners, or go with the optional reflective glass liner for optimal flame enhancement. The addition of the 530DWK Driftwood to the Portrait lineup allows our customers more options over the standard log, rock or coal fires. Watch Now View a video of the new 530DWK by watching below:   Learn More To learn more about the Portrait Series and the new Driftwood option, visit valorfireplaces.com/portrait.

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    Comparing Legend G3.5 Burner Options

    Are you in the market for a sleek, efficient gas insert fireplace? Look no further than the Valor Legend G3.5 Insert Series, which boasts over two decades of design innovation. A radiant and highly efficient insert – paired with our ValorStat control technology – offers the ultimate comfort control for your home or living space. The G3.5 also offers Valor Dynamic Restrictor Technology (or VDRT) which automatically adjusts air flow within the fireplace, increasing thermal efficiencies. Now that you know some of the details, it’s time to decide on an engine and fuel bed combination. View the videos below to pick the best option for your home: Stainless Steel Burner…

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    Get Ready for Spring with an Outdoor Fireplace

    Now that Spring has arrived (although in some places that may seem hard to believe) it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor living space. Valor Fireplaces has recently introduced a unique new product to the industry known as the Outdoor Conversion Kit (GV60CKO) for most available zero-clearance models. Using a Valor Radiant fireplace outdoors provides the kind of heat you and your family need to take away the chill and provide glowing warmth. Safe to use during those dry Summer evenings, and easy to control with the standard wall switch, your outdoor fireplace from Valor will provide years of steady, radiant heat. Compatible Products The GV60CKO is compatible on…

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    Valor Fireplace Features

    Today’s post will focus on a variety of important features related to your radiant Valor gas fireplace. From safety features to heat management, we’ve gathered a collection of videos to explain the top features available with your fireplace. HeatShift™ – The Right Heat in the Right Place Designed to reduce surface temperatures, the Valor HeatShift System is recommended, especially when for heat sensitive material directly above the fireplace. Available for all Valor Linear fireplaces as well as the H5 & H6 Series.   Learn more at valorfireplaces.com/heatshift No Power No Problem™ Valor fireplaces are fully functional heaters that don’t use electricity. Our products provide efficient warmth, designed to heat your…

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    View Product Components

    We’ve added a new aspect to our website this week that allows our customers and dealers to quickly view individual product fronts, trims, surrounds, liners, fuel beds & accessories. View the steps below to learn more: 1) Click the link for one of Valor’s product by clicking here. 2) Scroll down to the “Components” section. 3) Click the image link as shown in the screenshot and the component image will appear on your screen. 4) The product front, trim, surround, liner, fuel bed or accessory is now visible on your screen. Click anywhere around the image to exit.

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    Featured: H6 Series

    Although large in presence, the H6 Series firebox design features tapered sides and shallow depth for smooth installation in a variety of applications. An impressive secondary heat exchanger circulates warm air naturally through convection. As well, custom fuel beds are designed to project this radiant warmth to objects in your living space creating a steady, even heat. Fuel Bed & Liner Options The H6 offers a variety of options to enhance your living space. Fuel beds include the popular Pebble Beach Driftwood, Murano Glass, Decorative Glass & Traditional Log Set. To complete the look of your firebox, utilize one of our liner options. Liners include Red Brick, Fluted Black, Plain…