Is Going Green One of Your New Year’s Resolutions? A Gas Fireplace Can Help

gas insert fireplaces

Source: Valor Fireplaces Facebook

This New Years, making your life a little bit greener can be as luxurious as adding a radiant gas fireplace to your living room. There’s a reason 90% of newly built homes show a preference for gas fireplaces but Valor is as concerned about the sustainable aspect of any brand just as much as you are.

Our units require absolutely no electricity and have eliminated the pesky fan as a result. Utilizing natural gas, a fuel source lower in particulate levels and greenhouse gases emitted than other fossil fuels, even our electronic ignition system is designed to use as little CO2 as possible via remote control.

We are very proud of our “Green Machine” system capable of safely and efficiently spreading warmth throughout the home while it cleans the air. Zone heating systems even allow for targeting specific areas of the home: minimal energy yielding maximum results.

Valor fireplaces are also just attractive facets to a rooms ambiance because going green doesn’t always look this good. It is easy to style an entire room around your new mantle. When you decide you’re ready to heat up your living room’s look, contact us for advice, orders, or anything else.

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