Learn More About the Structure of a Fireplace


Source: Pixabay

The fireplace has occupied a necessary and respected place in the home for generations. These days, fireplaces may not be not quite so necessary but they have become a little bit more complicated. Here are the most relevant parts:

  • Firebox – This is the part of the fireplace that actually protects you form the fire. Usually encased in a separate, aesthetically pleasing front, the firebox contains the fire in a safe and controllable manner.
  • Hearth – Underlaying the firebox and extending into the room, the hearth is also somewhat protective as it catches most of the sparks and embers that emanate from the fire. It’s also a great place to add a little personal flair to the fireplace.
  • Mantel - Situated just above the fireplace, this accessory is where most people focus their aesthetic inclinations. As the fireplace is of great visual interest, the mantel is a great place to display particular items of interest.

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