Valor’s New Design Center Lets You Upload a Photo of Your Own Home

gas fireplaces

If you have ever considered adding a gas fireplace to your home and just can't seem to picture it, there is now a great tool to help you visualize the possibilities thanks to the Valor Design Center. We recently added a new photo upload feature to our website, which now allows you to provide a picture of your space and experiment with different … [Read more...]

Why 90% of Newly Built Homes Show Preference for Gas Fireplaces

gas insert fireplaces

Looking to heat up your home this winter? Many homeowners are also looking to reduce the cost of their bills while finding ways to warm their homes. It's not that easy to find affordable ways to deal with the change in weather, but Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces would like to help. The same frustration that affects homeowners is the cost of electric or gas … [Read more...]

Learn More About the Structure of a Fireplace


The fireplace has occupied a necessary and respected place in the home for generations. These days, fireplaces may not be not quite so necessary but they have become a little bit more complicated. Here are the most relevant parts: Firebox – This is the part of the fireplace that actually protects you form the fire. Usually encased in a separate, … [Read more...]