We’ve Improved Our Dealer Locator!


Finding an authorized Valor dealer near you is now easier than ever. The first step to owning one of your own Valor radiant gas fireplaces can be completed with just a few keystrokes and a click. With our brand new Dealer Locator, all you need to do is enter your postal or zip code and click the “SEARCH DEALERS” button. Then, you're well on your way to … [Read more...]

Valor Meets New Safety Standards Two Years Early


Specific safety standards of a gas fireplace must be met before they can be sold to consumers. By 2015, all manufacturers of gas fireplaces need to meet updated standards before they can be sold. We at Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces have already met these requirements and have all safety barriers in place for all new and old products. Valor is ahead of … [Read more...]

Prepare Early for Winter with a ValorStat Plus Remote


Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces help break winter’s chill with style and ease. We offer several fireplace designs to match your decor and your home’s needs. With the addition of a ValorStat Plus remote, the warmth and beauty of a flickering flame is yours at the touch of a button. Wake up to Warmth The remote has a built-in timer so you won’t ever … [Read more...]