Valor Meets New Safety Standards Two Years Early

valor-fireplaceSpecific safety standards of a gas fireplace must be met before they can be sold to consumers. By 2015, all manufacturers of gas fireplaces need to meet updated standards before they can be sold. We at Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces have already met these requirements and have all safety barriers in place for all new and old products.

Valor is ahead of other companies as we have followed fireplace safety tips and have taken the correct measures to make sure every consumer is provided with the safest fireplaces. For example, our screens comply with and meet the new standards, and they are currently available and ready to be purchased.

We are proud to be the first to meet the industry safety standards in fireplaces, two years ahead of the required time limit. All of our products, including older models have been changed to provide the usual top quality along with the increased safety requirements. If you’d like to remodel or upgrade your fireplace to conform with the new safety standards, contact us!

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