5 Ideas to Create a Winter Mantel Design

fireplace mantel decoration

Source: Flickr

A mantel is an easy place to create the focal point of a room, and you can use it to show off your personality. With a fireplace being the most active in winter, a festive mantel can bring your fireplace to life. Here are five ideas on how to brighten up your mantel through winter:

  • Miminalist decorations in silver and white lend a Scandanivian aesthetic to your  mantel. Try silver candle holders matched with pearly white candles.
  • Winter greenery with pretty candles and lights can transition a mantel from Christmas to Spring.
  • Layering items can provide texture and depth. Add pictures of winter scenes with a large mirror and textured vases.
  • Snowflakes make perfect winter decorations. Pair them with blue and silver accents to bring a winter scene to your mantel.

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