5 Ideas to Style Your Room Around Your Fireplace

radiant gas fireplaces

Source: DecorPad

A radiant gas fireplace will bring warmth to your room while serving as its focal point. Watching the flames can be relaxing and even mesmerizing. Feeling the warmth provides a comfortable, cozy feeling.

  • Create the cozy environment with upholstered chairs and a sofa facing the fireplace or at angles to it where you can feel the warmth. Add a mirror, clock or painting above the fireplace.
  • Create more seating by extending a brick or stone hearth from a raised fireplace along the wall and adding comfortable cushions.
  • Select a mantel style and fireplace surround with tile, stone, wood or brick. Extend the surround to the ceiling for a modern look.
  • Mount a flat-screen television above the fireplace in the family or living room or media room. Chairs and couches will face the screen.
  • Try a two-sided or freestanding radiant gas fireplace¬†in a large room with an open floor plan. Place comfortable chairs and sofas around it for a warm conversation area.

Valor, the original radiant gas fireplace, makes many different styles that can be inserted into any size room and wall. Freestanding gas fireplaces are also available. All fireplaces have the Valorflame burner adjustable with a remote control.

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