Add a Freestanding Fireplace to an Outdoor Room

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Outdoor rooms, such as screened patios or porches, can be enjoyable extensions of your living space. However, chilly weather makes these areas less habitable during the cold seasons and on cool spring or summer evenings. There is an easy solution to this: bring warmth to your outdoor living space by adding a freestanding gas fireplace.

Easy to Add

Adding a gas fireplace to home patios requires little work. The freestanding Valor fireplace may be vented from the top or from the rear, which allows versatility in placement.


You can set your Valor fireplace to turn on and warm an area in advance. This is a great function anytime, but is especially helpful if you are preparing for a patio party. Cozy guests are happy guests who will not flee from the patio into your home.


Imagine sitting and basking in soothing warmth as you gaze at the beautiful flames of your new fireplace. Valor gas fireplaces have realistic firebrick liners, and you may choose between authentic looking logs or coals.

Adding a gas fireplace is to make an investment in comfort. For more information and to find the Valor dealer nearest you, please visit us online.

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