Add a Two Sided Fireplace to Your Master Suite

There is no doubt that adding a freestanding gas fireplace can add drama, atmosphere and usually a little heat to a space. Unfortunately, these appliances usually also take up a lot more space than is convenient. In a master bedroom suite, however, the use of a two-sided fireplace can really add some value for the homeowner in terms of use and in real financial terms.

Here are a couple of suggestions for getting the most out of your gas fireplace:

Ensuite Rooms – The use of a two-sided fireplace to separate the sitting area of a master bedroom from the more formal sitting area is an excellent way to use a two-sided fireplace. Both partners can enjoy the sight while one sleeps and the other reads.

Involve the Bathroom – Another great idea is to place the back of a fireplace in a bedroom so that it abuts a space just above the bathtub. There are few things more indulgent feeling than watching a fire while taking a bath.

For more information on these and other ideas about adding a gas fireplace to your home, please contact us online at Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces.

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