Beautiful Beach Home Fireplace Design Ideas

fireplace design

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Beach homes have a special feel about them. If your home is on the beach or you just like to feel like you are there, a beach home can help you feel cool and calm. Adding a fireplace can help your home feel cozy and give you extra warmth in the cooler months.

If you prefer the crisp bright whites and pale blues or like a more outdoorsy feel adding a fireplace can enhance the beach style in your home.  Here are some ideas on how to add a fireplace into your beach home.

  • Cottage Stone for your fireplace facade can give that genuine beach cottage feel.
  • A classic white fireplace mantel will always give that true bright beach home feel.
  • When it comes to inside the fireplace, consider replacing the classic log look with stones and driftwood, giving you an outdoor feel.
  • You can also use rocks and driftwood to face your fireplace.  Surrounding your fireplace in beautiful rocks and hanging driftwood as a centerpiece, can bring that outdoor beach feel inside.

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