Consider Jurastone Mantels for Your Valor Fireplace

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Adding a gas fireplace to your home can add style, comfort and sophistication to any room. Our gas fireplaces come in a variety of designs to fit any home, but a fireplace rarely looks complete without a mantel. Fires of Tradition, a corporate ally of Valor, is one place where you can find some gorgeous mantels for your fireplace.  They offer several designs in different materials, including the timeless and durable Jurastone.

Jurastone is a dense form of limestone.  It’s very strong and good at transferring heat.  It comes in neutral tones that can match your changing home design for all the years to come.  Fires of Tradition offers Jurastone mantels in 3 styles:

  • The Corvallis is one of the largest mantels sold and it works best for large spaces. It has a Provincial French influence but a contemporary design.
  • For a simpler design that still has some decorative elements, the Torrance is an excellent choice. It is a flexible mantel design that goes equally well with traditional and contemporary settings.
  • The Solano design works best for a modern contemporary room. It features a sleek and clean design with extremely simple lines.

For more information about radiant gas fireplaces or our corporate allies, contact Valor at 877-253-9485.

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