Considerations to Remember Before Placing a TV Above Your Gas Fireplace

Many homeowners will often put their TVs above their fireplaces. There’s a logical reason for doing so: the fireplace tends to be the focal point in the room, which means that placing the TV above it simply makes sense as the TV often is a focal point as well. However, when doing so you have to be careful about the heat affecting the TV.

fireplace design

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The main problem of placing a TV above the fireplace is that you don’t want the heat from the fire to affect the intricate wiring of your TV. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get around this. An easy way is to build your mantel out, so that the mantel acts as a buffer between the heat generated from your fireplace and the TV above it.

Another option is to have the TV recessed into the wall, thereby resulting in the fire and the TV not lining up directly above one another. If you’re looking to create a really unique design, you can stagger them. This means having the TV placed on one side and the fire on the other.

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