Create a Beautiful Barrier in a Large Open Space With a 2-Sided Fireplace

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Source: Pinterest

Open floor plans are very common in many homes, while they are fantastic they can pose a design challenge: How do you create separate spaces? A great way to differentiate between certain areas of your home is to section off the space visually. A great way to do this is to install a two-sided fireplace.

Sectioning an area can be as simple as the placement of a rug which defines a sitting area. Another style that is both functional and sophisticated is the use of a two-sided fireplace.  Using a two-sided fireplace can produce an energy efficient zoning temperature that is effective for the now divided spaces.

The openness that is presented by a fireplace keeps the floor plan still feeling more open than if you had erected a solid wall. There is also no denying the beauty that can be enjoyed with the view of a fireplace over that of a plain wall.

Find out more about your options in fireplaces that are right for your home decor by visiting our website.  You will quickly find that adding a gas fireplace to home decor will be a wise investment.

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