Don’t Limit Yourself to One Fireplace

These days, a fireplace is more than just a passive spot in a room where heat is generated for the benefit of its occupants. Instead, it is a visually exciting, focal point where the entire family and their guests can gather round on a cold day to exchange stories, engage in the holiday atmosphere and, yes, get a little warmer.

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Many homeowners may confine their thinking on this point to just one fireplace. Here are some ideas for expanding that viewpoint:

  • The Bedroom – Obviously, the most practical place for a second fireplace is in the second-most used room in the home. Add one and your life will always seem like a second honeymoon.
  • The Office – It goes without saying that work is stressful. Consider adding a fireplace with its comforting vision of a gentle fire to alleviate some of that strain.
  • The Pool House – Regardless of the season, waterlogged bathers will be cold. A fireplace provides a psychological as well as physical solution to this problem.

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