Enjoy the Comfort and Luxury of a Radiant Gas Fireplace in Your Master Bath

While fireplaces are traditionally found in living rooms or family rooms, they certainly are not limited to these parts of the house.  Radiant gas fireplaces can enhance the comfort, beauty, and warmth in any room that needs it.

One room that could always use a little extra warmth and luxury is the bathroom.  Especially now that the weather is beginning to get colder, chilly tiles and cold drafts can make the bathroom an uncomfortable place to be for very long.

 Bathroom with Radiant Gas Fireplace

Imagine instead being able to use a remote control to turn on a radiant gas fireplace in your master bathroom before you need to get ready for the day.  You then enjoy five more minutes resting snugly under your blankets before rousting yourself to go get ready in your newly warmed bathroom.  When you step out of your shower, you can relax for a moment in front of the fireplace before facing another busy day.

For more information radiant gas fireplaces, feel free to check out Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces online or give us a call at 877-253-9485.  What are your thoughts on putting a fireplace in the bathroom?


Photo via Houzz

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