Functional Fireplace Decor: Bookshelves

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Image via Houzz

Gas fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home, new or old. The image of a crackling fire does something to us, putting us in a calm, state of ease. While gas fireplaces are beautiful on their own, certain design techniques can further beautify a fireplace.

One such design feature is bookshelves built around the fireplace. Here are a few benefits to building bookshelves around your already gorgeous fireplace:

  • Bookshelves help add valuable storage space, maximizing the usage potential of your fireplace and surrounding area.
  • By adding bookshelves around your fireplace, you are able to fully take advantage of all the space in the room, as opposed to blank space being ignored instead of utilized.
  • By adding in these shelves, you are drawing focus to the fireplace, making it a focal point of the room. This helps add a streamlined, but beautiful, look to your home.

Having bookshelves built around your fireplace has many benefits, from adding a great amount of storage area to making a room stand out as beautiful. If you’re looking for a great storage solution to add around your Valor fireplace, this is something to consider. 

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