Get Past the Winter Doldrums This Year

While many people love the winter for its snow, its sports and even for the cold, there are many others who would just as soon skip it. For those who get the winter doldrums, here are a few suggestions for making the season a little more bearable:

  • radiant gas fireplaces

    Source: Valor Fireplaces Facebook

    Brighten the Mood – This task can be as simple as cleaning up a space and removing all the clutter or completely repainting it. Summer colors or pastels can make any room seem like summer.

  • Make it Comfy – The addition of throw pillows, blankets and comforters can transform an otherwise austere and cold-feeling room into a great place to entertain your guests or watch a movie with your loved ones.
  • Add More WarmthAnother way to tell the cold to go away is to add a radiant fireplace in the family room. These appliances are compact, affordable and can be installed in almost any space.

For more info on surviving the winter season in style or on other radiant gas fireplace topics, please contact us at Valor Fireplaces.

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