Get Your Fireplace Ready for the Off-Season With These Decorating Tips

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If you have a radiant gas fireplace in your home, odds are you made plenty of use of it during the colder months of winter. However, now that we’re in the middle of spring and heading toward even warmer temperatures, your fireplace is going to go unused for a longer period of time. Take advantage of your unused fireplace by decorating it using some of the following tips.

  • Plants – Pick up a number of charming houseplants to place inside or around your fireplace to give the space a natural and tranquil feeling. Low-light plants such as mosses and ferns are perfect for such a set-up.
  • Vases – Set up your collection of vases inside the fireplace’s opening. Use a similar color scheme, but don’t be afraid to vary the heights of the vases to create an aesthetically interesting arrangement.
  • Birch Wall – Pick up some birch wood at your local garden center and have it cut to fit into your fireplace. Use the birch to wall up the opening, thereby creating a still life in your fireplace.

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