How to Place a Fireplace in a Room with a Large TV


Image via Valor Fireplaces

You love your big screen TV, but you also want to incorporate the comfort of a radiant gas fireplace in your living room. While both of these features often compete with each other to become the room’s focal point, it is not impossible to have both. You will simply need to be careful with your proportions and overall design scheme if a combination of a fireplace and large television is going to work in the space.

One of the most common and straightforward solutions is to place the TV above the fireplace. If there is not enough space above your fireplace, you can also place them next to each other, depending on the TV’s size. Just play with the elements you have to see which configuration works best.

If you decide to place the TV above your radiant gas fireplace, consider placing candlesticks and picture frames on the mantel to make it look even more like an integrated design, so long as this does not block your view. Keep the paint in the room soft and warm so that the TV and fireplace remain the focal point.

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