Make a Mirror Above Your Gas Fireplace an Attractive Feature

fireplace decoration

Source: DecorPad

The fireplace tends to be one of the more prominent features in any room that it is located in. Because of this, you should design it to be the focal point. One of the fireplace design ideas that we recommend is to hang a mirror above the mantle. The following are just a few ways that you can manage this design in a successful manner:

  • Fit the architecture of the space – If the area above your fireplace is wide, hang a wider mirror above it to help it integrate into the space. The same goes for a taller space – simply put up a mirror that is taller.
  • Integrate the mirror into the fireplace itself – Instead of just hanging your mirror above the fireplace, surround it with a mold and trim that reflects the same mold and trim of the fireplace. This gives it the appearance of being part of the fireplace.
  • Hang a light fixture in front of the mirror – The reflection of the light fixture will help provide additional depth to the entire design.

Use these fireplace design ideas for your fireplace. For information about radiant gas fireplaces, contact us online at Valor Fireplaces.

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