Reasons to Choose a Gas Fireplace for Your New Home

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Wood burning fireplaces are known to give a room atmosphere. However, that same warm, romantic atmosphere can be attained with a radiant gas fireplace. Using a gas fireplace has environmental, ecological benefits, in addition to being aesthetic.

  • No need for wood –  When you own a gas fireplace there is no need to locate wood, split it, or store it.
  • Easy to use –  With a remote you can start the fire, adjust the flame, and simply turn it off when you are done. A wall installed thermostat regulates the flame height, and thus the heat output, while monitoring the temperature of the room.
  • No fuss, no mess - Gas fireplaces do not need to be tended. The flames and heat will not die out from neglect on the owners part. There are no ashes to scoop, no smoky smells to offend, and no chimney to clean.
  • Energy efficient - The return on energy output is in the 70 to 90 percent range.  Glass fronts on the radiant gas fireplaces keep heat from your furnace, or boiler, from escaping up the flue. 

Valor is the maker of the original radiant gas fireplace. For information contact us at 877-253- 9485. 

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