Spruce Up Your Fireplace Before the Holidays

fireplace decorating ideas

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With the holidays fast approaching, you may have neglected your fireplace until now. Taking a look at it, it may need an update. Will it be a good backdrop for those beloved family holiday photos, or a place to steer away from? Not to worry, here are some great fireplace design ideas to rescue your hearth, or help you find a totally new one.

  • Adding glass doors to a wood burning fireplace not only looks good, but provides an added level of safety.
  • Creating a mantle, or replacing the one already in use, can be a delicious way to elicit a whole new vibe to the room.
  • Give it a facelift by repairing or replacing abused mortar and stones. Depending upon your fireplace you can also place a fresh coat of paint to disguise the years of smoke stains that have accumulated.
  • Show off a creative flare by installing tile for the fireplace or surround.
  • Change it out by getting a gas fireplace if you currently have a wood burning style.

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