Summer Inspiration for Your Mantle

fireplace mantle decoration

Source: Pinterest

The mantle of a fireplace is often neglected during the warmer months when a fire is not necessary. This is such a waste, because it provides the perfect location to create a wonderful element that would not be there otherwise.

If you don’t like the open space that is let barren during the summer try hiding it, or filling it, here’s how:

  • Place a candle arrangement in the fireplace, or paint logs for a fun splash of color.
  • Use artwork set in front of the opening to hide the spot which ties in with live plants or knick knacks you have placed along the top.
  • Rearrange your room pull the focal point way from the fireplace. Circle your seating around a coffee table with an intriguing centerpiece.
  • Place large live plants either in front of, or nearby to distract.
  • Find a brilliant piece of art, a photograph, or collection display to place above the space to draw the onlooker’s attention.
  • Use bright colors in the décor to pull the eye away from the mantle.

Have fun with your design ideas for your radiant gas fireplace. Don’t have one? We can help you.

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