The Comfort of a Gas Fireplace Complements a Cozy Kitchen

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With the growing popularity of open kitchen designs, the kitchen is becoming less of a sterile work space and more of a comfortable location in which to gather with family and friends. A gas fireplace can help create a pleasant and cozy place to enjoy coffee or desert. Here are some tips, courtesy of Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace.

  • Space Considerations For enthusiastic cooks and those living in busy urban areas, kitchen space is often at a premium. If your kitchen is small or you have a lot of stuff to spare, it doesn’t have to stop you from adding a gas fireplace. A small fireplace model often works well, and if you have a half wall, that’s often to ideal place for a double-sided one (such as the L1 Linear Series 2-Sided), which can be enjoyed both in the kitchen and in the living area.
  • Unconventional Options Today’s models offer much more versatility than models of yesteryear. Freestanding fireplaces allow you to put a cozy hearth wherever you desire, and ledge models such as the Portrait Ledge allow you to put one in a window.

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