Tips for a Successful Paint Job on Your Brick Fireplace

The fireplace is often a focal point in the space in which its located. That means that if you’re not happy with how your fireplace looks, it will negatively affect the design of the space. One way that you can change the design of your fireplace is by painting it. The following are a few tips for painting a brick fireplace:

  • Make sure you have a brick surround: Some fireplaces are easier to paint than others. Fireplaces with brick surrounds are much easier to paint than material that like sandstone, limestone, or river rock.
  • Clean the bricks: Make sure to clean the brick as thoroughly as possible in order to remove all dust and dirt. This will ensure that the paint you use adheres and dries correctly.
  • Use a primer: Use a primer that is oil-based and stain-blocking to protect against soot stains.
  • Paint the brick surround: Once the primer has been applied and is properly dried, you can begin painting. Use an indoor latex paint that can withstand high temperatures.
Family Room via Houzz

Use these tips to paint your fireplace surround and be sure to contact us at Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces for additional fireplace design ideas.

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