Tips for Hanging Stockings From Your Mantel


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One of the easiest ways to get your home into the holiday spirit is to hang stockings from your fireplace mantel. However, hanging stockings using nails can leave unsightly holes in your mantel. Here are a fireplace design ideas for hanging your holiday stockings without using nails.

  • Go Natural: Bring the outdoors in by using a branch to hang your stockings. Find a branch that will fit your mantel and attach your stockings to the branch using twine or festive yarn. To add a more wintery look, paint the branch white before attaching the stockings.
  • Keep It Simple: Command hooks are easy to use and won’t damage your mantel as long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions for removal.
  • Try Twine, Ribbon or Thread: Use festive ribbons or thread in various colors to hang your stockings. Twine will give your mantel decor a more rustic, warm feel to your fireplace. This method will allow you to hide the hook or nail in an inconspicuous spot on the mantel. Add a few ornaments to give some pizzazz to your holiday décor.

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