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Source: Valor Gas Fireplaces

No longer are fireplaces simple openings surrounded by brick or stone that had to be constructed while your home was being built. These days, new energy efficient gas fireplaces can easily be installed into a pre-existing opening or added as a free-standing unit in a new or older home.

Our easy to use fireplace design center allows you to envision what your new fireplace is going to look like, no matter if you are dealing with new construction, in need of a fireplace insert or or replacing an old, out-dated wood stove. Just go to our website and scroll down to whichever of the three listed applications you are interested in: new construction, inserts or freestanding, and then follow the easy directions.

The new construction application gives you five different styles to choose from; the fireplace insert tab offers six style choices; and the freestanding fireplace link has two different selections. Then, select all your options and watch your virtual fireplace design be constructed in real time.

Now that you have the fireplace of your dreams designed, contact Valor Fireplaces today for more information on gas fireplace installation.

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