Valor’s Legend G3 Fireplace is Perfect for Contemporary Rooms

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Image via Houzz

The contemporary decorating style includes modern furniture with comfortable, yet simple lines, solid colors such as white, grey, black and jewel tones, glass and brushed or polished metal. Done well, the effect is classy and sophisticated.

The only downside to a contemporary look is that sometimes these rooms can feel sterile or cold. One solution to this is to add a fireplace. Naturally, a traditional fireplace can look out of place paired with contemporary decor. A radiant gas fireplace in the contemporary style, on the other hand, adds warmth without detracting from the design style.

Our Legend G3 Fireplace is a perfect fit for any contemporary room. You will appreciate the sleek modern lines, realistic logs and remote controls.  These fireplaces blend in easily with any color theme and add comfort and a luxurious ambiance to the home.

In addition to adding warmth and beauty, Valor radiant gas fireplaces are easy to keep clean, and are an eco-friendly, energy-saving alternative to other types of heating units.

Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, Valor fireplaces bring a cozy, practical and stylish touch. Find a dealer near you today.

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