Wake Up to the Warmth of a Gas Fireplace

bedroom gas fireplace design

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In frigid weather, mornings can be so dreary. The bedroom is chilly because you turned down the central heat the night before, to save on utility costs. The bedroom is dark, because the sun has yet to rise. The thought of emerging from the blankets is grim. This is no way to start the day.

A Cozy Alternative

Imagine how different your day could be if you woke to the gentle glow from a Valor radiant gas fireplace in your bedroom. Your Valor-Stat Plus remote control programmed to turn on the fireplace as you slept in. Before you emerge from the covers, the room temperature is comfortably set. Even without a fan, the warmth circulates gently into the room.

Cozy Alternative II

Now imagine you have another Valor radiant gas fireplace in the bathroom. Yes, that’s possible too, thanks to high-tech venting options that won’t disrupt your decor. You walk barefoot to the shower, without experiencing any discomfort, because the bathroom fireplace is similarly radiating warmth — and style.

Frugality with Style

Zone heating is economical, too. You can lower the whole-house thermostat and allow your gas fireplaces to focus the heat where and when you need it.

If you can imagine waking up in the warmth of a gas fireplace in your home, contact a Valor fireplace dealer soon for more information on making Valor fireplaces a part of a comfortable morning routine. 

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