Zone Heating Can Save Money on Your Winter Bills

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Do you have a single thermostat to control the entire home’s temperature? This common yet inefficient setup bases home comfort on the temperature in a single location. By adding a gas fireplace to home, you introduce the energy-saving concept of zone heating.

What is zone heating?

A fireplace only heats its surroundings. This creates zone heating by providing heat just where you need it. For example, picture your family enjoying a cozy evening in the family room on a chilly night. Instead of cranking up the thermostat and warming the entire house, adding a gas fireplace to your home lets you heat the living room where everyone is spending time together.

How does zone heating make a home more efficient?

There’s no point in heating the bedrooms during the day when no one is sleeping, or the main living area at night when everyone has retired to their rooms. That’s why adding a gas fireplace to home and creating heating zones is so practical. Targeting certain areas of your home at a time reduces fuel consumption and significantly lowers heating bills.

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