Add Inglenooks Around Your Radiant Gas Fireplace

Are you looking for a few fireplace design ideas that will make your radiant gas fireplace a more enjoyable experience? If so, then you should consider adding inglenooks. Inglenooks, in case you don’t know, is the term used for a bench seat that is built-in at a right angle to the fireplace – and there’s nothing more inviting than an inglenook.

benefits of inglenooks

Inglenooks are perfect for having a comfortable place to sit close to the fire. You can build two of them opposite one another in order to provide a space where you can hang out with friends and family. Throw a few pillows down to make it extra comfortable. You can even build a few built-in bookshelves above your inglenooks to create the perfect reading nook. Who doesn’t appreciate a good book right by the fire, after all? You can go all out and create a small little living room within the confines of the space around your fireplace if you want to!

Consider building inglenooks to help make the space around your radiant gas fireplace more comfortable and inviting. For additional fireplace design ideas or information on radiant gas fireplaces, be sure to contact us at Valor Fireplaces today.

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