Bored of Your Fireplace? Ideas for Updates

In many homes, a fireplace stands out as the centerpiece of the room. In fact, its size, color and shape will dominate almost any decor. Still, fireplaces do become outdated and must be updated at some point. Here are a few ideas for updating yours if it has started to bore your aesthetic sensibility:

Bored of Your Fireplace? Ideas for Updates

Source: Francisco Belard via Wikimedia Commons

Replace the Mantel – Much of a fireplace’s personality comes from its exterior mantel and the other wood that frames it. Replacing it with one of marble or other natural stone can completely transform a fireplace.

Repoint the Firebrick – Years of use will damage and even destroy the most carefully crafted firebrick. A thorough cleaning and new mortar can make a world of difference in a fireplace’s appearance.

Tile the Hearth – Another great fireplace design idea is to tile the front-side hearth in a complementary stone or brick pattern. In addition to adding some visual interest to the fireplace itself, it creates an eye-catching complement to the rest of the room’s floor.

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