Consider Designing Your Gas Fireplace Surround With Tile

Most people hear the word fireplace and think of brick surrounds and large mantles. Today’s fireplace design ideas have kept up with creative home interior trends and insured that they never lose their beautiful combination of function and fashion. Using tile as the surround for your gas fireplace opens up a world of possibilities.

Consider Designing Your Gas Fireplace Surround With Tile

Source: Chalet Interiors, via Houzz

Hand-painted stone
Installing hand-painted stone tile on your gas fireplace surround transforms it into architectural artwork. Use the same motif for each tile or creatively combine patterns in a unique mosaic.

Artistic ceramic tile
With its glossy finish and raised textures, artistic ceramic tile brings depth to your fireplace surround. Like hand-painted stone, ceramic tiles can feature multiple colors and patterns and one of the more stunning fireplace design ideas.

Subway tile
Often used on kitchen walls and backsplashes, subway tile is a durable and versatile choice for your gas fireplace surround. Subway tiles are available in an array of colors, sizes and finishes. They’re low maintenance and add a sleek finish to the fireplace.

A gas fireplace with marble tiles as its surround truly anchors a room and makes a strong, sophisticated statement.

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